Video Montage

Union Style

This video makes the case for unions with a light-hearted parody of Gangnam Style.

Alan Shain: Four Menus Please!

Would you give up a comfortable job in the public service to follow your dream? Ottawa-based Alan Shain did so to pursue a career as a comedian, storyteller, playwright and actor! Doing this for a living would be tough for anyone but Alan has the added challenge of having Cerebral Palsy.¬† His humour and perseverance […]

Female, Elderly and Poor

Why are these women’s pension so small? They’ve worked all their lives so something doesn’t jive. This piece examines some of the issues that affect women’s pensions by focusing on these four women.  

Minds in Song — For the Joy of Singing

A video about a new singing group for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Produced for the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa-Carleton and Renfrew County

Nigel’s Song

Following your passion is not always our primary goal when it comes to a career. But after 25 years working as an engineer, Nigel Harris took the plunge and began to live his dream. At the age of 48 when the Canadian hi-tech giant firm he worked for, crashed, he took it as an opportunity […]

Bed-making Competition

Did you ever think that making your bed could be fun? The people in this video are sure having a good time. Best Western Plus Victoria Park Suites hosted this¬† event April 9, 2015 in Ottawa. You’ve never seen anything like it!

Who’s That Lady (in Miyakonojo)?

Ever wonder what living in rural Japan as a woman and a foreigner would be like? Well this film ain’t gonna tell you but it might give you a sense of the joys and stresses of such a life in a particular time and a particular (head) space. Submitted to the Akira Kurosawa Foundation for […]

Osgoode Township Museum: Heritage Garden

Osgoode Township Museum has a community garden. What’s it all about and how can you get involved? Watch this video.

Canada Dance Festival Promotional Video

For over 25 years, this festival has graced Canada’s capital city. Get a sense of what it entails by watching this video.

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